Friday, June 19, 2009


So the world is twittering and posting and socializing and blogging and texting. 
Welcome to 2009. 
This morning, without i-tunes playing or people talking or anything broadcasting, I heard the birds in both my front and back yards at once, singing and talking and tweeting and socializing. I am happy I have both of those worlds in my life. And I am especially grateful that I am finally getting to the point in my life that I will allow myself to occasionally just listen. 


  1. I SO prefer listening to the birds chatting...I have to say, I'm not a "twitter" fan. But the birds...that's their job! I just love when I accidentally wake up just before dawn, and the world is a cacaphone of wild, abandoned birdsong. It's such a secret, magic time.

  2. Lonnie I will lend you my two macaws. You will be sweetely startled from sleep grabbing at the air before you fall to the ground. Seriously, I know what you mean, it is great to disconnect from electronics and connect with nature.


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