Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The floor of my office as I draft platonic (and archemedial) solids for the mosaic floor at the Museum of Outdoor Arts' indoor gallery at the Englewood Civic Center. We are installing a permanent "Cabinet of Curiosities" section of the Museum. It will open April 10th.
Eeeeek on to another deadline!


  1. Oh you thrive on deadlines! Lucky Maia that she is there to see it first hand when it opens. I am sure it is going to be fantastic!

  2. I do not thrive! I swear I don't. I don't plan them or wait for them or doddle - how do you spell dauwdddle? - they are just there. And as a "warrior that just can't say less"........ "I'm just a girl who can't say no" - Annie Get your Gun.
    OK, I can WHOP deadlines. I accept the challenge, I do not create it.

  3. I know your mosaic work! This will be stunning!
    Please post WIP ... xo


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