Sunday, January 9, 2011

For Earl

"Earl broke up the priest who was administering his last rites by putting on his clown nose and waiting for the priest to look at him. Then he plucked it off, French dropped it and pretended to eat it. A clown to the very end." bs

True story.
Rest in giggles Earl Reum


  1. Great tribute. Where are you drawing these?

  2. Yoli: At the end of the year/season I often sit down to rapidly draw and ink 50-100 tiny paintings on canvas (this one is 2 inches square), just to "come down". I work fast enough that most of the work is stream of consciousness, and the titles come very quickly, and in this case tie to actual moments. I am trying to post at least one a day.

  3. That is great... as we use to have to be quiet while you were beading.....x0 -J


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