Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sorry Jayne, had to leak it!

I am so sorry Jayne..... But when going through the manuscript/Dictionary  that Jayne is writing about our work together over the years, which I am collaborating on, I ran across the following under the letter W , and I couldn't help but sharing : 


--- Working with the work; 

1. Have the right tools or the right people. Anything done without the proper 

whatever-you-need is the bad timing in a black whole. 

2. pick two; fast, cheap, or good....

3. Be aware that absolutes are not true things, but tendencies, and roll with them.

4. Don’t suffer future pain.

5.. Materials / Work/ Altar ... Method / Material / Alchemy... Inspiration / Media / Spirit....

4. Try to know if that was the easy part or the hard part. Try to get passed it, indeed it may be all down hill from here.

5. If something is not changing you are not looking close enough.

6. Draw yourself in.

7. Paint yourself out.

...more or less...

--- working with the peers; see CRAFTSPEOPLE

 process of elimination; Making elimination a process.


  1. Oh I like this very much and you know, it applies to everything in life. I am so excited about this manuscript. Will you be cheating on Jane and publishing more pages?

  2. Wow, a public apology...oh, well I reckon our friendship can withstand it.
    Taken out of context this proves we have lots of editing to do! -J


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