Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Shall We Grow This Summer

Oh what should we grow?

we could grow potatoes
we could grow squash
we could grow melons
all juicy and soft

But,  'sted
let's grow some laughter
and let's grow some corn
let's grow some instruments
like tambourines and horns

Sometimes I think
we need a bite full of love
of silly antics
and innocence


  1. I am really enjoying these hallucigenic images. Just passing through on my insomniac rounds in my fuzzy slippers.

  2. I am looking at the time above that posted to 10:42 PM when in actuality it was 2:42 AM I was writing to you. I am laughing now so hard.

  3. I love both the words and the image, which brims with joy. Increasing the joy in ones life, I think, never goes amiss.

  4. Yoli - I thought 10:42 was a bit early to be back up, but I figure that anyone with children have very strange hours......Lonnie


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