Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some of my favorite things

There was nothing wrong with Great Grandmother Kate making us kids clothes from remnants of upholstery fabrics (kinda scratchy) or even drapes. 
Until that evening in Florida visiting the other half of the family.....
When (after having a couple cocktails) Aunt Gertie threw me aside thinking I was the curtains to the veranda.

Ok, fiction - for the most part -...actually just the funny part. But it still makes me smile, so I'm keepin it.


  1. It is hilarious, I keep thinking of Gone with the Wind, the drapery scene.

  2. ... or the Maria drape scene?
    Fiction, or IS it!
    I like hearing your stories best after you've told them many many times.... embellishment? the best part!

  3. Yoli - Yes, Gone with the Wind, and the best Bob Mackie costume EVER on Carol Burnett doing Gone with the Wind - He left the rod IN on the shoulder line - hilarious
    Jayne - Yes, the rain drenched evening with wiskers on kittens...

  4. Yes, I saw that one, too, My thought always jumps over the suggestion in Gone With the Wind to the Mackie over-the-top curtain gown! -J


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