Monday, April 20, 2009


When I was giving one of those "go interview an artist" interviews, which usually starts with my vocal distain for the title "Artist", and my diatribe on art as service, the seeking of art, craft as art, art as medicine - which I am sure I will get back to at some point....
She asked the "If you weren't you, who would you be or what would you do for a living? " question. Since I turn 50 this year, I have decided that from now on,  all answers must be pulled from previous material, cause at this rate we ain't gonna get to the wonderful spot in act 3.... So, my new persona would be the spirit of Danny Kaye, the eye of Walt Disney and the occupation of Sugar Sculptor. I ADORED working with sugar in the recent past, and can not wait for an excuse to play with the dangerous yet magical substance again.


  1. Dangerous and Magical sounds like the perfect alchemic recipe! -J

  2. Dangerous, Magical and Sweet. Perfect Tri-omph-erant.
    Ah - All in a day's work - no?

  3. What a great combination! I have a serious case of hero-worship for Walt Disney's imagination.


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