Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning

I have no problem imagining, seeing, drawing, painting, sculpting, speaking, calculating, directing, and 57 other obsolete or quant skill sets, yet allowing myself to write is daunting and stilted and scary. Yet we have more words than ever, and people spewing their guts is as common as coffee.

Maybe it is my generation. The computer, internet, cell phone, digital everything  - are all things that happened in my adulthood. To be published meant something totally different then. 
It is wondrous that the world is once again flat, but I was trained to walk on a ball.

Ok. I made a start. That is a beginning.

Yes, I am in the development of several projects - working deep. Gathering bits. All for the Fall and Holidays. The late snows help me stay in winter mind.


  1. Wow, yea, another plane. Flat, round, ...or possibly a dark ride to communicate through. Maybe it’s all of the different attention spans and learning types. One hits another doesn't. I’m the muse. -J

  2. Whereas I took to blogging like a duck to water. It's my imaginary world (well...not the adoption blog. But the other one...that's my playground).

    Can't wait to see how next winter's projects evolve for you! Something to look forward to!


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